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Investing with a purpose: Financial Benefit & Social Impact

Our Portfolio

Cameroon Investments

with Cameroon Angels Network

Jangolo is a digital ecosystem for agribusiness local value chains. The tech platform helps farmers and local agribusinesses to get access to strategic information and to market their products and services.

Koree aims to transform the retail payment and marketing landscape in sub-saharan Francophone Africa by offering solutions for both customers and merchants. 

Nkwa is a mobile app that simplifies savings for small business owners, university students, or income earners.

Healthlane is a health facility dedicated to helping Africans live better lives by providing comprehensive health checks and personalized care plans.

Bee is a Digital Lending and mobility Startup that aims to democratize financial services in Africa, starting with asset financing for commercial drivers (phones, vehicles, other equipment, and services). 

COVA embeds accessible and useful insurance products, directly into other financial services using technology and data science. 

Cameroon Investments

Independent Investments

Kiro'o Games is a video game, animation, development, and publishing company

Facet Power integrates bioenergy with food, water, waste, community & and economic security solutions to accelerate full-spectrum climate action and transform climate resilience adaptations into inclusive opportunities for prosperity. 

UBTS Cameroon S.A. (PLC) builds the network that powers outstanding digital platforms and facilitates entertainment. 

Peers Exchange provides the last mile exchange and money transfer. 

General Skills is a company specializing in constructing and maintaining electrical networks. 

Leking Foods provides fast food based on pasta.

Kendura Foods specializes in the production of nutritious, affordable flours made from indigenous crops such as plantain, sweet potato, cassava, and yam

Kayvey Nutri Foods is a cereal-to-porridge processing company, targeting the infant and child food sector, to provide a local, healthy, and affordable option...

International Investments

in collaboration with Lavni Ventures

International investments in collaboration with Lavni Ventures include:

FlytBase is a platform that provides drone-agnostic software solutions to deploy fully automated & cloud-connected commercial drones at a large scale

StayQrious, a cutting-edge education operating system for students in grades 4 through 9, and

DeepIQ, is a developer of innovative software applications focused on simplifying the AI journey for industrial companies.

India Impact Fund

India Social Impact Fund invests in selected early-stage startups using innovative technologies to create scalable and sustainable social impact in the areas of health, education, energy, housing, and the environment. 

MedPrime Technologies uses digitization and automation of microscopy to enable telepathology

Learning Matters addresses resource constraints in Indian schools by delivering affordable technology-assisted teacher training and English language skilling for students.

Vidcare develops easy-to-use, portable health tests to make diagnostic testing convenient, accessible and available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

PadCare’s unique recycling technology closes the loop of the menstrual hygiene economy by generating recyclable output out of used pads

Monitra Healthcare offers a robust real-time 24×7 heart monitoring solution differentiated by an AI-based screening report that is of high value, saving valuable time for cardiologists across the globe. 


in collaboration with Lavni Ventures
Our Values: Humanity
"Beyond profitability and value creation, we aim to also contribute to human progress and social well-being."
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